Best dental implants

If you are missing a tooth or more than one, you need to find a permanent solution to replace them. A dental implant is the ideal solution for such a problem.

So, what exactly is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a tiny, titanium screw (post) which is usually placed in a strategic manner on the jawbone just beneath the gum line. This screw (post) normally fuses the jawbone in a way that creates a proper foundation for tooth restoration. This dental implant is literally a replacement for a tooth root that is missing. It effectively fuses with your jawbone just like a root does and helps preserve the structure of the bone. Right on top of the dental implants post sits a restoration which is the crown on which the replaced teeth will be fixed on.

The best types of dental implants;

If one needs to replace all teeth, the ideal solution is the implant-retain denture.

An implant-retained denture is an artificial arch of teeth. It effectively sits on your gum giving you a similar appearance to that of a full set of teeth. A dentist normally places four dental implants along your arch in the most efficient way. As the healing process goes on, the current denture can be modified in a way that it can be worn without messing up with the healing process.

When healed, one will be given a new custom denture that effectively fastens the dental implants. This leads to one getting secure, permanent dentures that are custom-designed to effectively fit a person’s facial aesthetics.

-For the case of several missing teeth, use the implant-supported bridge.

A bridge typically comes with two crowns on the sides gaps of the missing tooth with an artificial one which is normally held by the crowns in between. Rather than have the crowns attached to the teeth, there is an implant-supported bridge that comes with crowns that are able to connect effectively to the dental implants. The Implant-supported bridge can effectively secure multiple missing teeth and save one the increased cost of replacing each of the missing teeth.

-If one needs to replace a single tooth, a single dental implant is the best choice.

A single dental implant usually replaces an entire missing tooth all through. That means literally from the root to the crown. This is usually the best method of replacing a missing tooth or multiple of them that are not adjacent to each other.