Chemical processes examples


A chemical process occurs during chemical reactions when chemicals come into contact with each other as reactants to form new substances, which are the products of the reaction. There are many forms in which chemical processes occur. Some of the examples of chemical processes include;


Combustion is a chemical process that leads to the formation of a flame. In this case, the chemical reaction takes place between active molecules and oxygen. The products of the reaction are water and carbon dioxide. An example of a combustion chemical process is the burning of propane.


In simple and physical terms, rust is a red, flaky substance that coats the surface of iron metals. However, there has to be some chemical process taking place for rust to appear. The chemical process that takes place during rust formation is an oxidation type of reaction. The process involves the reaction between iron molecules on the surface of the meta, water, and oxygen. The product of this chemical process is iron oxide which is the chemical name of rust.

The reaction between acid and base

Acid-base reactions are reactions between two main reactants: an acid and a base. Examples of acids include sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid. Examples of base include ammonia and acetone. A chemical reaction takes place during the reaction where the base neutralizes the acid to form water and salt. For example, when hydrochloric acid mixes with potassium hydroxide, the reaction process produces potassium chloride and water.


To convert chemical energy to electrical energy, redox reactions or electrochemical processes take place in batteries. During redox reactions, atoms undergo a significant change in their oxidation states. Here, two chemicals exchange electrons where one reactant loses electrons and the other one gains electrons. Therefore, in essence, one reactant undergoes oxidation while the other reactant undergoes reduction. For instance, galvanic cells experience spontaneous redox reactions. Additionally, electrolytic cells go through nonspontaneous reactions.


Chemical processes occur during chemical reactions between two reactants to form a new substance. There are various examples of chemical processes, including rust, electrochemistry, combustion, and the reaction between an acid and a base.