Looking at Tooth Decay

Your teeth are an important asset. They need to not only withstand your chewing activities, but they are also useful for speaking. Additionally, your teeth show a lot about you as a person. They add personality and they can even denote professionalism.


When it comes to tooth decay, it is a chemical reaction that occurs in your mouth. First, foods that contain carbs become trapped in between your teeth. This happens when a person does not brush or floss frequently enough. Then, the person will set off a chain of events in their mouth just through the beginnings of poor hygiene.

In the event of sugar in your mouth, there is a production of acid. As you can imagine, the acid eats away at things and does not have a good pH. Your teeth are covered in tooth enamel. However, when there is a breach somewhere, it starts to wear and tear at the teeth. Eventually, all the acid will produce a hole in the enamel. This is called a cavity.

Cavities are unpleasant and you can feel them. Your teeth might ache like a toothache that does not go away. Sometimes though, patients are surprised when they come to the dentist’s office. They might have felt completely fine, only to be surprised that they have a mouth full of cavities. If the cavities were causing real pain, then you would be sure that they would have landed in the dentist’s chair a long time ago.

We can feel upset with ourselves when we get cavities. The best thing to do though is to brush and floss more. Also, people can cut down on sugar, which may also help. If you do eat sugar, just brush your teeth afterward for the best practices in hygiene. You only get one mouth, so it is prudent to take care of it.