Visiting a Dental Surgeon

If a person is having severe dental issues and they need a complicated procedure to correct them, then they may need to see a dental surgeon. In addition to the successful completion of dental school, the dental surgeon needs to complete an additional four to six years of schooling and a residency program. To practice, the dental surgeon must be board certified.
There are many dental services that dental surgeons are qualified to perform. These are some of the common procedures that may require a person to visit a dental surgeon.

full teeth smile

Dental Implants

Dental implants are performed by a dental surgeon that has training in these advanced techniques. They will be able to make a natural-looking solution for people that may have a missing tooth or a damaged tooth. They can put the permanent implant in the patient’s mouth and they will make it look like the real tooth. Even patients that need dental plates can benefit from these services.

Tooth Extraction

If a person has a mouth crowded with teeth they may need to have one or more removed. Even the wisdom teeth can lead to pain or crowing and they will need to come out. The dental surgeon will need to remove these teeth. They can get the extra tooth out even if the procedure is going to be complicated.

Corrective Jaw Surgery

If a person has trouble chewing, swallowing, and speaking they may be experiencing skeletal growth between the upper and the lower jaw. The surgeon can provide corrective jaw surgery. This should allow them to correct major and minor imperfection and can help a person with chewing or biting.
These are just some of the services that are performed by the dental surgeon. The dental surgeon can help a person that is experiencing oral issues they should see the surgeon right away.